In the midst of increased fears of a “bloodbath,” Kim Jong-un murders an officer for criticizing a “unrealistic” command.


In the midst of increased fears of a “bloodbath,” Kim Jong-un murders an officer for criticizing a “unrealistic” command.

According to a report, KIM JONG-UN executed a North Korean military officer for criticizing the dictator’s order to deliver food to starving people.

According to a story in Daily NK, a North Korean major general was court-martialed and shot dead on July 18. A source told Daily NK, a South Korean magazine that covers happenings on the northern side of the Military Demarcation Line, about the execution.

Plans to create military rice shops for public use, according to the anonymous major general who was formerly in charge of the logistics headquarters at Training Camp 815, were “unrealistic” and “an order ignorant of reality.”

People became aware of the execution after officials sent out a “notice” to military officers on July 22 detailing cases of “severe judgments,” according to Daily NK’s source.

According to the authorities, the anonymous commander “indiscreetly” complained about the special order after being notified of it.

“Military granaries are suffering more significant challenges than the people’s food [shortage]issue,” the major general stated.

“How are we going to produce all that rice, not sand from the river bed, if they’re going to pressure us while remaining uninformed of the situation in lower-level back areas?”

The commander’s criticism of the Supreme Leader of the Democratic Republic of Korea’s special order essentially made him a “sectarian” in the eyes of the authorities.

The insider reportedly claimed Pyongyang wanted to emphasize that “those who overtly defy party policies will receive no mercy, regardless of who they are,” according to the Daily NK.

Some predict a “bloodbath” of purges and dismissals within the military ranks.

Earlier this summer, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered the removal of scores of military members for “disastrous failures” in dealing with the country’s hunger.

After a politburo meeting on June 29, the Supreme Leader was told of the rice shortages.

Following this, Kim Jong-un ordered the punishment of high-ranking cadres and directed the Military Security Command and the Political Guidance Department to probe the conditions of low-level logistics units.

Military supplies, however, have remained “empty since Kim Jong-regime,” Il’s according to the source.

“It’s a bigger issue that the administration is just now, ten years later, beginning to grasp situations on the ground.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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