In the midst of a fraud investigation, the SNP spent £670k on furniture and IT equipment.


In the midst of a fraud investigation, the SNP spent £670k on furniture and IT equipment.

While being probed for fraud over an alleged “missing” £600,000 in donations, the SNP spent nearly £700,000 on furniture and new computers.

According to a leaked copy of the SNP’s draft 2020 accounts, the party spent more than £670,000 on furniture and new computers last year.

It comes after party insiders claimed that almost £600,000 in contributions intended to fund a new referendum campaign was spent on legal bills for top party officials involved in the Holyrood probe into the Scottish Government’s mishandling of harassment accusations against Alex Salmond last year.

It was also suggested that part of the funds were used to rebuild the SNP’s Edinburgh headquarters.

The party rejects the allegations, although Police Scotland is looking into a number of fraud allegations.

More transparency is also being called for, particularly with regards to the salary paid to Mr Murrell, Nicola Sturgeon’s husband, and other bosses.

In 2020, £385,520 was spent on furniture, fixtures, and fittings, as well as £229,750 on computer equipment and more than £55,000 on software, according to the records.

The £193,880 spent on campaigning was dwarfed by this sum.

Donations fell by 55 percent during the pandemic, from £904,000 to £416,000, according to the accounts.

Despite total income falling to £4,427,000 from £5,290,000, the SNP enjoyed a £1,091,420 surplus.

According to sources, this is largely attributable to a decrease in membership.

“HQ functions like a secret society – they need to step out of the bunker, be more open and honest, or stories like this will erode trust in the HQ and its leadership,” one SNP MSP warned.

“It is evident that there needs to be a clear-out at the top, starting with the chief executive,” Holyrood opposition parties alleged, citing a spike in drug deaths, that the SNP’s focus with independence has cost lives.

With 21.2 deaths per 100,000 of population, the country continues to have the highest drug death rate in Europe, more than three-and-a-half times higher than the rest of the UK.

According to National Records of Scotland, the 1,339 figure for 2020 was 5% more than the previous year, when 1,264 persons died of drug-related reasons (NRS).

“The data is clear that Scotland’s drug fatalities epidemic began to spiral out of control from 2013 onwards,” said Sue Webber MSP, the Scottish Conservatives’ drug spokesman.

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