In the latest dilemma for Sir Keir Starmer, three Labour MPs are ready to leave the party and join the Conservatives.


In the latest dilemma for Sir Keir Starmer, three Labour MPs are ready to leave the party and join the Conservatives.

Due to Sir Keir Starmer’s embattled leadership, three Labour MPs are reported to be on the verge of defecting to the Conservatives.

The trio are alleged to have criticised “open lines of contact” with the ruling party after the Holborn and St Pancras MP failed to make advances against the Tories in the polls. Conversations are said to have started last week in Brighton during Labour’s annual conference.

The gathering at which Sir Keir delivered his first in-person conference speech as leader was overshadowed by a series of internal squabbles.

Several Labour MPs were shocked when deputy leader Angela Rayner launched into a profane tirade, calling the Conservatives “racists” and “scum.”

At the conference, there was also a disagreement over the rules for electing the Labour leader.

A member of the shadow cabinet quit, accusing the leadership of failing to promote radical left-wing policies, and Corbynites heckled Sir Keir during his conference speech, adding to the chaos.

According to the Mail on Sunday, the three MPs discussed engineering a transfer of allegiance with Conservative whips.

Sir Keir’s attempts to wrest leadership of the party from the radical Left are said to have failed to persuade MPs that staying in the party is worthwhile.

Conservative MPs and fans have congregated in Manchester for their own party conference, which begins today.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, will use the annual meeting to commit to making “large, bold decisions” to rebuild the UK after Covid.

He remarked ahead of the start of the meeting today: “We didn’t go through Covid to get back to the way things were before, to the pre-Covid status quo.

“When we say “build back better,” we mean that we want things to improve and develop as we recover.

“That means making big, bold decisions on the issues that matter to people, such as social care, job support, climate change, crime reduction, and leveling up.”

Politicians have previously used party conventions to display defectors.

Former Conservative MP Sam Gyimah was introduced as the Liberal Democrats’ newest recruit at their annual conference in 2019.

Meanwhile, on the eve of the Conservative Party conference in 2014, Tory MP Mark Reckless announced his resignation to join Ukip.

In nearly 40 years, no Labour MP has defected to the Conservatives.

Reg Prentice made the switch in 1977, when Labour’s James Callaghan was Prime Minister and Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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