In the face of “scary” Brexit shortages, a Masterchef judge says vocational subjects “need to come back.”


In the face of’scary’ Brexit shortages, a Masterchef judge says vocational subjects ‘need to come back.’

IN AN EFFORT TO FILL “scary” Brexit-related workforce shortages, MASTERCHEF JUDGE Marcus Wareing has suggested that schools reinstate traditional practical classes.

Marcus Wareing, a Michelin-starred chef, has warned that the UK may need to “bring back” practical vocational subjects in schools to fill Brexit-related vacancies.

Mr Wareing told The i: “We rely on our EU community to support and prop us up.”

“Now that it’s all closed, I see it as a game-changer in my industry.”

“My industry right now is suffering like it’s never suffered before,” said the MasterChef judge, who joined the BBC show in 2014.

“Because we’ve told our next-door neighbors that they can’t come over here anymore.”

“I’ve never, ever seen a staff shortage in hospitality like the one I’m seeing right now, and to be honest, it’s quite scary, and I’m very concerned.”

Mr Wareing, on the other hand, was not entirely despondent.

“There’s plenty of work – what we need to do is set our schools on fire with energy and vibrancy, and get our young people thinking about what’s great about this island that we live on, and make it great again,” the Southport-born chef said.

“Let’s start over.”

Mr Wareing proposed that schools promote non-academic career paths as a means of achieving this goal.

“I just don’t think schools do a good job of selling my industry because they don’t know enough about it,” he said.

“It’s a place of possibility, a place where you can be yourself and express yourself.”

“It’s fine if you do your A-levels but don’t go to university.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that, but at some of the schools I know, it’s all about how many kids we can get into university and how good our grades are.”

According to a study of subject and course choices in English schools, home economics was ranked last among students’ least favorite subjects.

However, it ranked last in terms of young people’s favorite subjects, trailing only religious studies.

“When I was in school, my home economics class was just awesome,” the Masterchef judge said.

It was one of the best, if not the best.

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