In the de Gaulles encounter, Philip’s favorite story about the Queen’s wit was “Ah happiness.”


In the de Gaulles encounter, Philip’s favorite story about the Queen’s wit was “Ah happiness.”

The Duke of Edinburgh’s favorite story to tell his friends was about an unpleasant encounter with the wife of a former French president.

The news of Prince Philip’s death in April of this year shocked the world. Not even Queen Elizabeth II, who referred to him as her “strength and stay.”

While the couple was famed for their regal grace during state visits and other royal duties, they were not afraid to crack a joke or laugh during their 73-year marriage.

But it was Prince Philip, in particular, who will be remembered for his sharp wit.

“I wish he’d turn the microphone off,” the Duke of Edinburgh exclaimed during Sir Elton John’s performance at the 2001 Royal Variety Performance.

According to one royal insider, Philip once decided to hide one of the Queen’s corgis to keep their visitors entertained.

In an unpleasant encounter with former French First Lady Madame Yvonne de Gaulle, it was Queen Elizabeth’s wit that saved the day.

According to a royal chronicler, it quickly became a narrative Philip was eager to tell his friends.

Between April 5 and April 8, 1960, France’s third-longest-serving President and his wife paid an official visit to the United Kingdom, where they met with Queen Elizabeth.

When Adam Helliker, a royal author and former journalist at the Daily Mail and Sunday Telegraph, spoke to The Sun about de Gaulle’s state supper at Buckingham Palace, he exposed the story.

Despite the Queen’s fluency in French, language hurdles arose soon, causing Yvonne de Gaulle to have an unpleasant moment.

The French President’s wife was asked what she was most looking forward to in her imminent retirement by a guest.

“With considerable elaboration, as she didn’t know much English, she replied: ‘A penis,’” Helliker told The Sun.

“An uneasy silence followed for a while, until the Queen herself intervened, saying, with a big grin, ‘Ah, happiness.’”

Given the French habit of dropping the letter “h” when speaking, it’s little surprise that de Gaulle’s wife made this amusing error.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s favorite anecdote is reported to be this one.

Her Majesty hasn’t been shy about cracking a joke or two in the past.

Ingrid Seward, a royal biographer, previously disclosed to ITV’s Loose Women how much they shared. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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