In the 4th attack in a WEEK at Richmond Park, a cyclist was dragged off his £5,700 bike by machete-wielding thugs on mopeds.


A CYCLIST was left terrified after a machete-wielding thug dragged him off his bike in a spate of violent bike robberies

Marc Radville, 37, has been left battered and bruised after thieves stole his £5,700 sports bike in Richmond Park, South West London, on Monday.

His attack is the fourth one in a week, with police warning cyclists to be “vigilant” when riding through the park.

Marc spotted the moped thugs following him near the Roheampton Estate entrance of the park, and attempted to speed up to avoid them but was smashed off his bike.

Speaking to The Sun he said: “When he got up close to me he opens his jacket and shows me this massive machete, and when I see that I just know it’s over.

“I tried to get on the pavement, and they mounted the pavement and crashed into me and we were going about 30mph.

“I came off the bike and I’m on the floor, but by the time that I get up I see the guy with the machete holding my bike and they drive off.

“This all happened right outside of a school, it was absolutely terrifying. Ultimately I have gotten off lightly.

“I’m bruised but I don’t have any broken bones or machete injuries so all things considered I am okay – it could have been a lot worse.

“The whole thing has shaken me up, I don’t want to go anywhere near Richmond Park on a bike again.

“I would hope that I’ll be able to get my bike back, it’s my pride and joy. It’s not a flashy bike by any means so I think they’re just targeting cyclists and hoping the bike is expensive.

“I bought the bike for my birthday, as a treat, and even if it is a flashy bike it doesn’t mean that anyone should be able to just come and take it.”

Self-employed Marc is now warning other cyclists to take care after the horror incident, and to go biking in groups.

He added: “Richmond Park has always been a bit of a hotspot, it is a wealth area and it’s a nice place to cycle so people are targeted.

“I was in hospital until 1am the next day, I wasn’t badly injured but I did hurt myself. I just want to get my bike back and to make sure other people be careful in the area.

“If you’re on your own it’s an easy hunting ground, and don’t go down all the same routes so it’s easy to be targeted.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Police were called at 17:09hrs on 11/10/21 to High Street, SW15 after… Brinkwire Brief News.


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