In retaliation for the French submarine issue, the EU has threatened to cancel the US meeting.


In retaliation for the French submarine issue, the EU has threatened to cancel the US meeting.

BRUSSELS’ top leaders rallied to Emmanuel Macron’s defense on Monday, criticizing US President Joe Biden and implying that a crucial EU-US conference could be canceled over the submarine issue.

The French President has yet to make a public statement, but his cabinet has made it obvious that he is enraged by the United Kingdom’s, Australia’s, and the United States’ decision to form a new defense alliance, leaving France empty-handed and excluded. Last week, the so-called AUKUS accord saw Australia cancel orders for French submarines, thereby leaving France out of a vital Indo-Pacific military alliance.

Yesterday, EU leaders echoed President Macron’s fury, implying that a major EU-US summit in Pittsburgh could be canceled due to tensions.

President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, talked to CNN and slammed President Biden’s decision to leave the EU out.

She called France’s treatment by NATO partners “unacceptable,” adding that President Biden owes the bloc an explanation.

“There are a lot of open questions that need to be answered,” she remarked.

“One of our member states has been handled in an unacceptably harsh manner, and we want to know why.

“As a result, you must first clarify that before going about your business as usual.”

Next week in Pittsburgh, EU leaders are due to meet with US officials for the Trade and Technology Council.

“A date has been set for the first meeting of the TTC (trade and tech council) next week. We are analyzing the impact that the AUKUS declaration might have on this schedule,” the Commission said in a statement.

President of the European Council, Charles Michel, told reporters in New York that the Biden administration has yet to show how it differs from Donald Trump’s anti-EU stance.

“America is back,” he remarked, referring to the new Joe Biden administration.

“What does it mean that America has returned? Is America back in the United States or has it relocated? We have no idea.”

“The fundamental elements of an alliance are loyalty and transparency,” he added.

“A glaring lack of transparency and loyalty has been observed.”

The Council President stated that the spat should not be viewed solely in terms of France’s economic interests, but more as a clear contempt for European friends and the US-EU relationship.

He went on to say, “Obama, with his charisma and polish, made critical judgments in Syria that had terrible ramifications for Europe, and.”


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