In order to reside in the United Kingdom, Afghan refugees will be given £39.63 per week.


In order to reside in the United Kingdom, Afghan refugees will be given £39.63 per week.

REFUGEES from Afghanistan will only have £39.63 a week to spend on food, clothing, and hygiene.

The 20,000 Afghan refugees who will be resettled in the UK will receive a £5.64 a day state stipend. The UK government has set aside this money to cover the price of necessities such as food, clothing, and hygiene.

According to MyLondon, free housing will be supplied, with alternatives including council properties that other would-be renters have refused to move into.

In the United Kingdom, refugees are not permitted to work or claim assistance.

Many migrants are boarding planes from Afghanistan with only the clothing on their backs and no basic supplies such as toothbrushes and soap, prompting charities to step in to help.

Many believe that, despite the efforts of NGOs to assist them in finding clothing and providing amenities, many refugees will remain impoverished.

“Asylum seekers generally do not have the right to work in the UK, which means they will never be able to work, let alone ‘steal’ a job,” said a representative for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

“When refugees are allowed to work in this nation, they return a net benefit to our economy.”

The Ministry of Defence in the United Kingdom has flown out more than 15,000 people from Afghanistan, including 8,000 Afghan citizens, and has plans to accommodate 20,000 Afghan refugees in the long run.

The Afghan Citizens’ Resettlement Scheme, launched by the British government, aims to allow 5,000 Afghans to reside in the UK in the first year, with an emphasis on women, children, religious and other minorities who are most at risk from the Taliban.

Former interpreters and other locally employed civilians will also be resettled by the UK.

Finn Byrne contributed additional reporting.


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