In NASA photos, alien seekers claim they have discovered a UFO on the Moon.


In NASA photos, alien seekers claim they have discovered a UFO on the Moon.

After detecting what they believe to be a UFO on the dark side of our lunar satellite, alien hunters believe they have found indicators of extraterrestrial activity on the Moon.

In their search for proof of alien activity, UFO enthusiasts feel they have struck gold. The most recent claim involves a weird structure on the Moon’s dark side.

Scott C Warning, an alien hunter and conspiracy believer, made the allegation after looking at NASA satellite photographs of our Moon.

Mr Waring discovered something in a crater on our lunar satellite while searching.

According to Mr Waring, the bizarre item appears to have multiple sides and “arms” emanating from its edges.

The craft, however, has most likely been abandoned by its previous occupants, according to the conspiracy theorist.

Nonetheless, Mr Waring stated that it will be ready for human inspection when we return to the Moon.

“I noticed an unusual structure which does conform to a lot of what we humans recognise as structures,” Mr Waring posted on his blog UFO Sightings Daily.

“This is an alien spacecraft that has crash-landed inside the little crater,” says the narrator.

“It was most likely abandoned in favor of a newer model and left there so that others might steal any essential pieces for their own ships. On the moon, there are numerous similar ships.

“Alien technology will become widespread once humanity reaches the Moon.

“It’s all over the moon, just lying around, abandoned,” says the narrator.

“Imagine… retrieving such a craft and flying it back to Earth; it would instantly transport humanity thousands of years into the technological future, but only if a government doesn’t label it a national security risk and keep it secret, allowing it to be used as a military weapon, which, let’s face it, will almost certainly happen first.”

While some features of the alleged structure appear to be consciously designed, this is most likely a coincidence.

Instead, a meteorite is most likely to blame for the object in question.

The Moon is continually pummeled by falling space rocks, and because it lacks an atmosphere, it has no protection from rocky debris.

This means that a meteor as small as a few inches in diameter has the ability to create an impact crater.

Mr Waring is most likely seeing a UFO due to a phenomenon known as pareidolia.

This is where your brain notices patterns that are known to you. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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