In Keswick, a bronze statue of Max the Miracle Dog was unveiled.


In Keswick, a bronze statue of Max the Miracle Dog was unveiled.

After becoming an internet phenomenon during lockdown, a THERAPY DOG who was given the animal equivalent of an OBE now had a bronze statue erected in his honor.

When recordings of Max the ‘Miracle Dog,’ a Springer Spaniel from Keswick, Cumbia, went popular on social media in 2020, he became an international sensation. On July 2, the 13-year-old pooch’s statue, which depicts him sitting on a seat, was unveiled at Hope Park in the Lake District. Max received the PDSA Order of Merit in February 2021, making him the first pet to receive this honor for his great contribution to society.

When the pandemic hit, owner Kerry Irving posted daily Facebook Live videos with thoughts and encouragement for people dealing with loneliness and sadness.

Over £300,000 has been raised for various causes by fans from all over the world between the two of them.

Kerry stated of the statue, “Hope Park is the right location because Max has given hope to so many people.”

“It’s fantastic that our little kid, proudly wearing his PDSA Order of Merit, will now be remembered for generations.”

After being adopted in 2008, Max assisted Kerry in overcoming chronic pain and severe despair as a result of a horrific traffic collision two years prior.

Max began his therapy dog training in 2016, and since then, he has been a “symbol of hope and happiness” for thousands of people all around the world.

Since 2014, the PDSA Order of Merit has been bestowed on 32 dogs and horses, all of them have been trained to perform specified tasks.

The £26,000 statue was funded through a crowdfunding campaign that met its goal in less than a day.

“Everyone has been so tremendously kind,” Kerry continued, “I can’t begin to express my gratitude to all those who donated their hard-earned money.”

“And the fact that we were able to donate additional revenues to PDSA, which is a charity near and dear to my heart, is also fantastic.

“I’m honored by it all, and I hope Max’s statue brings great consolation to everyone who comes to see it.”

“Max has become a symbol of hope and happiness to thousands of people, and we were happy to honor him with the PDSA Order of Merit in recognition,” Amy Dickin, awards and heritage manager at PDSA, said.


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