In honor of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, over 20 million flowers bloom on the Tower of London.


In honor of the Queen’s Jubilee, over 20 million flowers bloom on the Tower of London.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will see the Tower of London surrounded by a vibrant field of colorful flowers.

The “Superbloom” display will transform the moat surrounding the historic tourist attraction, according to Historic Royal Palaces.

In the spring, gardeners plan to plant more than 20 million seeds.

The flowers will bloom from June to September, and visitors will be able to walk through the blooms on a winding path.

To attract bees and other pollinators, plants such as cornflowers, sunflowers, gypsophila, poppies, and pink cosmos were chosen.

There will also be a sound installation and sculptures that have been specially commissioned.

“Superbloom will bring a spectacular natural beauty to the urban space and introduce a new biodiverse habitat for wildlife,” Historic Royal Palaces said.

It will highlight the importance of nature to our well-being.”

The new natural landscape will remain as a permanent Jubilee legacy after the display ends in September.

The show’s preparations have already begun.

During the Second World War, the fortress’s 13th-century defensive ditch was used as a medieval orchard, a grazing ground for victorian livestock, and as allotments.

For the 1977 Silver Jubilee, the moat featured a garden display, and in 2014, a breathtaking array of ceramic poppies.

In February, the Queen, who has a sprained back and is restricted to light duties, will celebrate her 70th year on the throne.

??On December 6, display tickets will be available for purchase at


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