In his early career, Tony Blair “had no trouble exiting the EU,” according to Lord Adonis.


In his early career, Tony Blair “had no trouble exiting the EU,” according to Lord Adonis.

Despite his recent views on Brexit, Remainer Lord Andrew Adonis claims that Tony Blair had “no problem” quitting the European Union as a young politician starting out.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair did not have an issue with the concept of Britain leaving the European Union when he was a young left-wing member of the Labour Party, according to Labour peer Lord Adonis, who spoke on the podcast “The Prime Ministers.” Lord Adonis extended the revelations by explaining how Mr Blair’s opinions were influenced by his desire to support then-Labour leader Michael Foot.

“Michael was the son of a liberal, his father was a long-standing West Country liberal, and his brothers remained liberal,” Lord Adonis stated.

“He was Oxford as well, and I believe he regarded Tony as a kind of soulmate.”

Lord Adonis went on to say that at the time, Tony Blair was a supporter of “all the left-wing initiatives,” which influenced his views on Britain’s membership in the European Economic Community (EEC).

The Labour peer then said that Blair “didn’t have an issue” with the concept of Britain leaving Europe in a shocking disclosure.

He highlighted how, as a young politician in the early 1980s under Michael Foot, he held this opinion “publicly.”

Blair, on the other hand, “wasn’t voicing many problems with quitting the European Union in private.”

Mr Blair was also “famously, while it was later disputed it is true… a member of CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) then,” according to Lord Adonis.

Mr Blair’s view on Europe and engagement in the CND, according to the Labour peer, was the result of him going along with the “orthodoxy” of Michael Foot’s Labour Party at the time.

He decided that Mr Blair’s move was ultimately what allowed Michael Foot to back him and become a candidate at the age of 30.

Lord Adonis then made a dig at the Conservative Party, comparing the move to today’s Brexit-voting Tory MPs.

“It’s a bit like ‘you have to be a Brexiteer’ if you’re a Tory now,” he said.

“And I know a lot of Conservatives, and I’m sure you do as well!”

Iain Dale, the host, retorted, “That’s not true!” That will be the subject of a future podcast.”

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