‘In Europe, there are no friends!’ Boris announced, pushing the EU not to share Belarus’s gas supplies.


‘In Europe, there are no friends!’ Boris announced, pushing the EU not to share Belarus’s gas supplies.

According to fresh polling data, while Belarus has opted to cut off electricity supplies to Ukraine and has threatened to cut off gas supplies to the EU, Britons do not believe the UK should intervene.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has threatened to turn off the gas line that runs from Russia via Belarus and into Germany, France, and the Netherlands if the EU continues to penalise Belarus over the ongoing immigration problem. Belarus has been accused of inciting tens of thousands of migrants to cross the Polish border in order to jeopardize EU security. The Belarusian government has refuted the allegations.


Mr. Lukashenko issued a warning: “We must respond if they put new sanctions on us.

“We’re heating up Europe, and they’re threatening to do the same. What if we put a halt to natural gas deliveries?” As a result, I would advise Poland’s authorities, Lithuanians, and other empty-headed people to reflect before speaking.” EU member states rely heavily on Russia for about 40% of its gas, however Norway is the UK’s biggest gas importer, therefore a Russian gas cut would have little impact on the UK.

A strong 86 percent of participants in a poll conducted from November 16 to 18 agreed the UK should not redirect gas supplies to suffering EU states if Russia or Belarus cut them off.

“Would any EU member state risk shortages of its own energy supply to support the UK if the boot was on the other foot?” one voter, Smuj Smith, said.

In fact, the notion of ‘punishing’ the UK for leaving would make them all squeal with delight.

“Unlike Boris, I don’t think Europe has any ‘friends.'”

“Why on God’s great world should we step in to help the EU with gas when all they give us is danger, threat, threat!” said another voter, K Dave.”

The United Kingdom has stepped in to help with the migrant issue by sending soldiers to the Polish border, where tens of thousands of migrants have been camped for weeks in subzero temperatures in an attempt to enter the EU.

However, many Express readers believed that the UK should not assist the EU.

Some others brought up the French government’s threats to cut off the UK’s energy supplies.

“We are still living under the threat of the French shutting off power interconnectors to England,” reader JG wrote in “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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