In comparison to Diana’s “problems,” Prince William “enjoyed the freedom” he shared with Prince Charles.


In comparison to Diana’s “problems,” Prince William “enjoyed the freedom” he shared with Prince Charles.

According to a rediscovered story, Prince William “relished” the freedom he shared with his father, Prince Charles, as opposed to the “conflict” that surrounded his mother’s life.

Following Charles and Diana’s acrimonious split, William and his brother, Prince Harry, spent time with each of their parents enjoying activities that were very different. The Prince of Wales would still take the boys to the Queen’s Balmoral estate in Scotland, where they could engage in outdoor activities without being bothered by cameras. Diana, Princess of Wales, on the other hand, would take them on what she hoped would be “regular” outings, but which always drew media attention.

According to Richard Kay, a royal writer for the Daily Mail, William relished the privacy of his countryside expeditions with Charles.

Mr Kay stated the young prince took great joy in his getaways to the countryside during the 2011 Channel 4 programme “How Diana’s Death Shaped William & Harry.”

“His mother’s life was trouble, always trouble with a big ‘T,’ but he could get away from it all with father, with Prince Charles, and there was a degree of freedom he relished,” he said.

“Diana couldn’t do things with the boys as Charles could because she didn’t have royal residences strewn over the country.

“She didn’t have large open spaces for them to go about in, knowing they wouldn’t be photographed, and the boys looked forward to it hugely,” the documentary says.

The People’s Princess is seen on Easter vacation with William and Harry in the Austrian ski resort of Lech.

Diana may be seen approaching a camera-wielding individual and requesting that they not photograph her children.

“We must recall, Diana had deserted her police protection, risking great risk in my opinion at times,” Mr Kay continued. Another memorable journey Diana and the young princes took was to the Thorpe Park amusement park on the outskirts of London.

The princess, dressed in a Hard Rock Cafe leather jacket, was seen bringing her sons on a variety of rides, including the log flume.

In the documentary, William and Harry are shown with Charles at Balmoral, one of the Royal Family’s favorite vacation spots.

Royals have visited the 50,000-acre estate throughout history. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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