In case of a mix-up, a vandal sprays ‘Mike is a cheater’ on an Army veteran’s car.


In case of mistaken identity, a vandal sprays the words “Mike is a cheater” on an Army veteran’s car.

On Sunday morning, disabled military veteran Nedra Brantley was shocked to find her Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SUV vandalized in Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital.

The wrong vehicle was accidentally ruined by a jilted woman suspected of daubing the words “Mike is a cheater” on someone’s car.

Nedra Brantley, the car’s owner, is not only not named Mike, but she is also a woman who has never met one.

On Sunday morning, the disabled military veteran was shocked to find her Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SUV vandalized in Washington, DC, the nation’s capital.

She admitted that she “screamed” when she first saw it because it had been vandalized so badly, and that she had never heard of Mike.

On the bonnet and side doors, an unknown vandal spray-painted “Mike is a cheater.”

The wing mirrors had also been smashed, and the front and back windscreens had been smashed.

The SUV’s side windows and license plates had been sprayed black in the meantime.

“I’m surprised nobody in the neighborhood heard me, because I screamed so, so loud, because I didn’t expect this to happen,” Brantley is quoted in local media as saying after seeing her vandalized vehicle.

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Brantley said she called the cops because she was perplexed by the incident, especially because she doesn’t know anyone named ‘Mike.’

The cops told her it was most likely a case of’mistaken identity,’ she said.

Her insurance company has promised to cover the cost of the damage, she added.

As of the 18th of November, Washington DC had seen 21,226 cases of vandalism against vehicles and personal property, up 2% from the same time last year.


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