In an unusual public endorsement, Joe Biden compliments China dictator Xi Jinping, saying, “He’s a clever person.”


In an unusual public endorsement, Joe Biden compliments China dictator Xi Jinping, saying, “He’s a clever person.”

During a presidential town hall, JOE Biden described China’s General Secretary Xi Jinping as a “intelligent and tough guy,” an unexpected compliment that raised eyebrows.

Joe Biden hosted a presidential town hall in Ohio, where he discussed COVID-19, the economy, and his new infrastructure plan with members of the audience and CNN’s Don Lemon. However, when it came to China, President Biden oddly complimented Xi Jinping, despite the fact that the US and China are at odds over cyber-attacks and other political and economic matters. During his town hall event, Mr. Biden made multiple gaffes, including babbling about the vaccination and “aliens.”

Mr. Biden addressed the matter of China during the town hall, telling the audience that he has met with Xi Jinping and conveyed his thoughts on the Chinese leader.

“I spoke with Xi Jinping, who I know well but with whom I disagree on a number of issues,” he stated.

“He’s a smart and tough guy,” says the narrator.

The off-the-cuff compliment did not impress viewers, who remarked on the video when it was uploaded online.

Hundreds of vaccinations have failed, causing a Merkel crisis.

“The next thing Joe will want is Chinese as our second language!” one wrote.

Despite the odd remark, Mr. Biden has lambasted China for recent cyber-attacks, accusing the Chinese government of shielding criminals.

He called China “worse” than Russia, which he claims at least assists in the fight against cybercriminals in their country.

“My sense is that the Chinese government, like the Russian government, is not doing this themselves but is protecting those who are doing it and possibly even enabling them being able to do it – that may be the difference,” Mr Biden told reporters at the White House.

When discussing the vaccination and the pandemic, the US President, who has struggled with a stutter in the past, struggled to keep his thoughts straight.

Mr. Biden asked co-host Don Lemon if he had received the vaccine before ranting about “men on the moon” and “aliens” in one clip.

Mr. Biden appeared to be making the point that if all children talk to is other children, how would they know if there was a man on the moon – drawing a parallel to folks not listening to scientists who say the vaccination works.

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