In an epic rage, Sarah Palin slams Biden over the impeachment campaign, asking, “Who is really in charge?”


In an epic rage, Sarah Palin slams Biden over the impeachment campaign, asking, “Who is really in charge?”

SARAH PALIN has slammed President Joe Biden for mismanaging Afghanistan, claiming that “windbag” MPs will not impeach him and instead instead force him to retire.

Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, hurled a barrage of insults at President Joe Biden, questioning his “credibility” over the US pullout from Afghanistan. Ms Palin, a former vice presidential candidate, blamed Mr Biden’s electoral triumph mainly on the media, which promoted him as the only viable alternative to Donald Trump. She also mocked Republicans who claim they want to impeach the president, calling them “windbags” who would never follow through on their comments despite Ms Palin’s support for the move.

During a dramatic dressing down on Fox News, Ms Palin slammed Mr Biden, saying he “gets everything wrong.”

She went on to say that she had no idea who was in charge of the White House and that Mr Biden was only a “mouthpiece” for whoever was in charge.

Ms Palin also spoke on Mr Biden’s character, telling the news network, “Those of us in that arena at least at one time or another understood he didn’t have any credibility back then.”

“So, you know, a credibility transplant isn’t something you can do overnight.

“He isn’t a trustworthy human being; he lies, plagiarizes, and does everything we already know.”

During a visit to the coastguard in May, Mr. Biden lifted a joke from former President Ronald Reagan, but misread the quote.

It resulted in an uneasy quiet, with Mr Biden referring to the audience as a “dull class” and asking, “Has the sun got to you?”

During a visit to the coastguard in 1988, President Ronald Reagan said, “The hard nucleus surrounding the Navy forms in times of war.”

“The media did want [Biden] to win, and the media clobbered everyone who was contesting him,” Mr Palin continued.

“While I believe the media is to blame for a lot of this, I believe Republicans in Congress are wasting their time by threatening to impeach him since they will never do it.

“Because most politicians, as you may have noticed, are a bunch of jerks who will talk about it but not do it.”

“Brinkwire Summary News” by Republican Senator Lindsay Graham.


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