In an enraged address, Biden mocked a weird hypothetical Yemen attack, calling it “incomprehensible.”


In an enraged address, Biden mocked a weird hypothetical Yemen attack, calling it “incomprehensible.”

As he stumbled through an unintelligible meandering live tirade, President Joe Biden was mocked for theoretically claiming that if Yemen had “attacked America,” the US would never have gone into Afghanistan.

Mr Biden made an odd remark during a speech to the nation following America’s 20-year intervention in Afghanistan, questioning whether the US would have attacked Afghanistan if 9/11 had been plotted in Yemen. People on social media reacted angrily to the President’s remark, with many asking what he meant by the hypothetical claim.

“Remember why we went to Afghanistan in the first place?” Mr Biden added.

“Because Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden attacked us in 2001, and they were located in Afghanistan.

“I humbly recommend you consider what would have happened if we had been attacked from Yemen instead of Afghanistan on September 11th, 2001.

“Would we have gone to war in Afghanistan?” you might wonder.

However, media critics and spectators were outraged by Mr Biden’s strange comments about Yemen.

“Joe Biden’s speech is a clusterf**k,” tweeted Raheem J. Kassam, Editor-in-Chief of the National Pulse media source.

“Takes credit, blames Trump, generals, and Afghans, claims ‘extraordinary success,’ blames Americans left behind, and blathers on about Yemen?”

“Excuse after excuse after excuse, blame Trump, more excuses, blame Trump, more excuses…” added another. Yemen? Joe, what does this have to do with Yemen?”

“This Yemen/Afghanistan parallel makes no sense,” one tweet stated.

“Biden has continued to blame Afghans and Trump,” a viewer commented. Is he now writing a Yemeni alternative history?

“Biden is now trying to go back and talk about initiating the war in Yemen,” another remarked. Stupidity. Stop talking and just confess you made a mistake.”


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