In an angry speech, Michael Gove slams the SNP and claims that splitting up the UK will be “vandalism.”


In an angry speech, Michael Gove slams the SNP and claims that splitting up the UK will be “vandalism.”

MICHAEL GOVE mocked unionists’ dreams for Scottish independence, claiming that dismantling the United Kingdom would be “vandalism.”

The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, speaking from Manchester during the Conservative Party Conference, slammed plans to split up the UK.

Mr Gove said terminating the Union would set back “decades of development” in a diatribe against the SNP and Scottish independence.

Mr Gove said Britain was the most “successful country in the world” together on the first day of the Tory party conference.

“The United Kingdom is the world’s most prosperous country, and we’re successful because we’re stronger together,” he continued.

“No other country is more of a multi-national, multicultural, and multi-racial success story than the United Kingdom.”

“It would be vandalism to tear up this nation of families, but it would also be an attempt to undo decades of development.”

The Tory minister then went on to criticize separatists’ portrayal of Britain, calling such comments “a terrible misrepresentation.”

“There are assaults on the United Kingdom’s existence, and those assaults and critiques come from a variety of places,” he remarked.

“In particular, the values of those of us who live in England differ from those of those who reside in Scotland, and England is somehow the home of an arrogant and out-of-touch elite.

“Another obstacle we have is from people on the left who believe the entire effort is illegitimate.”

“We should be ashamed of these statues in our neighborhoods because we are the inheritors of colonial oppression.

“Because the United Kingdom is not a historical artifact, it’s not so much a caricature as a terrible misunderstanding of the truth.”

The SNP blasted Boris Johnson for benefit cuts, tax hikes, and the “rising cost of Brexit” as the Tory party conference opened on Sunday.

Due to the changes to Universal Credit, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation accused the Prime Minister of “abandoning millions to starvation and hardship with his eyes wide open.”

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford echoed the charity, saying the government’s “disastrous” Brexit plan had left the UK “in crisis,” citing long lines at gas stations, food supply chain problems, and “soaring costs.”

The SNP’s top Westminster MP, criticizing Mr Johnson’s Brexit proposal, issued an apology “to the millions of families who have been affected.” “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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