In an afterlife report, a woman claims she ‘soared through clouds.’


In an afterlife report, a woman claims she ‘soared through clouds.’

LIFE Following DEATH is one of humanity’s major obsessions, but one woman claims she has discovered the truth about what happens after a near-death experience.

Following a near-death encounter, Rebekah believes she saw the afterlife. Rebekah collapsed after a violent seizure, leaving her fighting for her life. Rebekah says she glimpsed what was on the ‘other side’ while she was under.

Rebekah claimed to have been soaring through the sky, looking down on the Earth below her.

On the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, Rebekah described her experience, saying, “I was soaring through what appeared to be clouds.”

“I felt like I was with or on an eagle that had been euthanized at the veterinary clinic a few weeks before. I used to work there.

“Even though I never saw him, I knew he was taking me somewhere safe. I had the impression that I was with him. When the clouds parted, I was treated to a breathtaking view of a lush green valley.

“I was in such a good mood. I sensed the presence of everyone I cared about. Again, I am unable to view these individuals. I simply knew and felt a sense of calm and contentment like I’d never felt before.

“Then I saw a light and darkness. I saw things I’d done before in my life, as well as things I was doing that I’d always wanted to do but hadn’t yet done.

“After that, I felt like I was spinning. Then my daughter appeared, and I considered the consequences of going to the light.”

Rebekah eventually awoke, but she now believes she has witnessed the afterlife.

Researchers, on the other hand, aren’t sure that Rebekah’s experience is proof of the afterlife, but merely a natural reaction in the brain as a person approaches death.

Near death experience images, according to neuroscientist Christof Koch, president and chief scientist of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, are often indicators that the brain is running out of oxygen or scanning itself for survival tactics.

“I accept the veracity of these profoundly felt experiences,” Dr. Koch wrote in a Scientific American piece. They are as genuine as any other personal experience or impression.

“As a scientist, however, I believe that all of our ideas, memories, precepts, and experiences are inextricably linked to the natural causal capabilities of.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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