In Afghanistan, a British soldier, 21, was discovered dead on the toilet next to a fired pistol.


In Afghanistan, a British soldier, 21, was discovered dead on the toilet next to a fired pistol.

An inquest heard that a BRITISH soldier was discovered dead next to his pistol at an army base in Afghanistan.

Private Joe Berry, 21, was found lifeless in a portable toilet on the site by a fellow soldier who was searching for him.

The soldier died of a gunshot wound to the head that was “consistent with being self-inflicted,” according to the first day of his inquest.

It was also revealed that Private Berry had gotten into trouble with his company sergeant major the night before for cleaning and unloading his rifle in his room, which is not permitted for safety reasons.

The soldier was reprimanded and became “distressed” and “tearful” while serving with the Second Battalion, The Parachute Regiment, in Afghanistan’s New Kabul Compound.

“I said ‘we all make mistakes,’ and I could see he was distressed,” Sgt Major Christopher Groves told the inquest after lecturing Private Berry.

I told him to get on with his day and we’d talk about it later.”

“He was crying, so I took advantage of the situation to tell him that we all make mistakes, to accept the mistake, and move on with the rest of the day.”

Lance Corporal Josh Brown, Private Berry’s roommate, later informed multiple commander Sergeant Fitzpatrick of a WhatsApp message from Private Berry saying, “Thanks for being such a good friend.”

I wish I could be more talented in all areas.

You’re a living legend….I adore you.”

The message also told them where he was, so they started looking for him in the area where the portable toilets were.

The soldier was discovered dead in the portable toilet with his Glock pistol, according to Cheshire Live.

He also had his phone, a message-in-a-notebook, and a pen, which the court in Warrington, Cheshire, heard appeared to have been “placed.”

The Glock had been fired, according to the forensic scientist’s report.

During the inquest, Private Berry’s mother, Lisa Snow, paid tribute to her son, saying that he “loved” being in the army.

“In all honesty, I would have probably preferred for him to pursue another career path because I didn’t want to see him get hurt or take risks,” she said.

“With his fitness and reading, he had been preparing for a long time.”

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