In a weird example, a doctor nearly killed his spouse after performing ‘exorcism rites.’


In a weird example, a doctor nearly killed his spouse after performing ‘exorcism rites.’

DURING “perverted” exorcism rites, a DOCTOR nearly killed his spouse by injecting her with medicines.

After infusing narcotics via a cannula during a series of ceremonies he learnt to conduct on YouTube, Hossam Metwally left Kelly Wilson with multiple organ failure. In July 2019, the former nurse was sent to the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital, where Metwally previously worked, in a coma when one of the rites went horribly wrong.

The 60-year-old hospital anesthesiologist was found guilty of a number of charges yesterday and remanded in custody until his sentence next month at Sheffield crown court.

Judge Jeremy Richardson QC described the case as the most “bizarre” he has seen in his 41-year career, warning Metwally that he faced a “substantial” prison sentence.

According to Grimbsy Live, the eight-week trial heard how Metwally had a “huge store of pharmaceuticals” at his home, including ampoules of ketamine, propofol, fentanyl, and Diazemuls.

The jury was shown excerpts from 200 video footage taken at the doctor’s home in Grimsby, north-east Lincolnshire, during Ms Wilson’s four-year drugging campaign.

Ms Wilson was injected with medicines through a catheter linked to her chest while Metwally shouted lyrics.

The doctor was executing his own version of the Ruqya ritual, an Islamic exorcism that involves reciting lines from the Quran in order to exorcise demonic spirits known as Jinns from a person.

Honey and water are occasionally used in traditional rites, but narcotics are never used.

He admitted to executing the ceremonies in court, but maintained that he merely used holy oil and did not utilize anaesthetics.

However, some records show Miss Wilson strapped to a bed, others show her in a bath, and others show a white liquid being delivered – sometimes with the help of an electrical device.

Metwally can be heard shouting in a 2016 clip, and after he revives his companion with smelling salts, she says, “Have you raped me?”

” and makes a police call.

Metwally, an Egyptian national, was found guilty of risking Miss Wilson’s life through the illegal and purposeful intravenous injection of anesthetics or sedative substances, as well as drug possession charges.

Metwally also admitted to two more voyeurism offences.

“In 41 years of experience in the criminal justice system of this nation, I have never been involved in or ruled over a more unusual trial,” Judge Richardson told Metwally.


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