In a terrifying chase, a car drives on railway tracks to flee the cops, injuring two officers – VIDEO


In a terrifying chase, a car drives on railway tracks to flee the cops, injuring two officers – VIDEO

This is the terrifying moment a car drives onto train lines at Cheshunt station in an attempt to avoid cops.

A black Range Rover is seen driving along train tracks at Cheshunt Station in Hertfordshire in disturbing footage. Before fleeing and coming to that station, the motorist got into a struggle with police officers.

During the incident, two police officers were hurt, and the driver of the Range Rover has yet to be found, but the abandoned car has been retrieved.

As the vehicle was stolen, police officers attempted to talk with the driver.

After being apprehended, the man drove away, trapping one cop in the door and driving down the open train tracks.

“The vehicle fled, injuring two officers and wrecking many vehicles in the process,” a police spokesperson said.

“Officers from Hertfordshire assisted in the search, and the vehicle was discovered abandoned on nearby train tracks in Windmill Lane.

“Officers are working with British Transport Police to collect the vehicle and are conducting a search of the area to locate the driver.

“A train did not strike it at any time.

“Police are asking anyone who observed the incident or spotted the vehicle traveling about the area to call 101.”

A train did not collide with the automobile.

“It was like a scene from Grand Theft Auto, the computer game,” Ali, an eyewitness, told the BBC.

He went on to say that the encounter had left him “gobsmacked.”

As a result of the car driving on the train rails, all trains into Cheshunt station were canceled.

“Officers got a report of a car on the railway line in Cheshunt at 9.43 a.m. today,” the British Transport Police (BTP) said.

“Officers from Hertfordshire Police and Essex Police are now on the site responding to the incident.”

Cancellations, delays, and changes to services provided by the station are expected.

Cheshunt station is expected to be severely disrupted until at least 2 p.m.


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