In a tense standoff, a Royal Navy warship chases a Spanish police boat out of Gibraltar’s waters.


In a tense standoff, a Royal Navy warship chases a Spanish police boat out of Gibraltar’s waters.

In a tense stand-off between the two, a ROYAL NAVY boat chased a Spanish police boat out of Gibraltar’s waters.

Police in Spain discovered a Zodiac inflatable that they suspected was being used to smuggle smokes.

According to unconfirmed accounts from Spain, the MoD craft collided with a police boat.

The tense standoff was captured on camera, and a search of the boat revealed no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of those on board the Zodiac.

The Royal Navy and Gibraltar Customs officers were allegedly “harassing” the Civil Guard, according to Spanish media, with the incidents taking place in “Spanish waters Gibraltar claims jurisdiction over.”

Officials from the Spanish government and the Civil Guard have yet to comment on the situation.

This isn’t the first time the Royal Navy and Spanish vessels have clashed; in January of this year, the Royal Navy pulled a Spanish police vessel from the Bay of Gibraltar.

To deal with the situation, the HMS Dasher and a Royal Navy RHIB were dispatched.

“We have no question about UK sovereignty over British Gibraltar Territorial Waters and protest incursions from the Spanish authorities,” a Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office spokeswoman said in January.

The UK government announced that Marine Specialised Technology would be awarded a £36 million contract to build 18 new police patrol craft for the MOD and the Gibraltar Defence Police (GDP) Forces.

“This £36 million investment allows our MoD Police and Gibraltar Defence Police Forces to enhance the critical security service they provide to our military establishments at home and abroad,” Defence Minister Baroness Goldie said at the time of the announcement.

“This contract confirms our commitment to invest in domestic industry expertise and support the protection and creation of skilled employment by being designed and built by maritime specialists in the UK.”

The HMS Cutlass, a new patrol boat for Gibraltar seas, is being prepared by the Ministry of Defence.

“Impressive to watch HMS Cutlass, which will soon join the @RNGibSqn, going through her paces achieving 41kts in Liverpool,” Admiral Tony Radakin, the First Sea Lord, tweeted about the boat being put through its paces.

Incursions by Spanish vessels into Gibraltar waters were rather common in the year 2020, according to statistics. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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