In a stinging outburst, Farage blasts the mainstream media for allowing Biden’s Afghanistan mess.


In a stinging outburst, Farage blasts the mainstream media for allowing Biden’s Afghanistan mess.

NIGEL FARAGE, the host of GB News, has criticised the role of the “mainstream media” in aiding Joe Biden’s ascent to prominence, blaming them for the current aftermath of the Afghanistan exit.

The “mainstream media” is to accountable for the Afghan situation, according to Nigel Farage. In a blistering outburst on his GB News show, the former MEP claimed that the media is to blame for the turmoil that has erupted in Afghanistan as a result of the US pullout. As he criticized President Biden’s handling of Afghanistan, Mr Farage sarcastically said, “Well done, mainstream media.”

“This is your victory,” he declared. Thank you, mainstream media, and thank you, social media.

“You got the president you were hoping for.

“You didn’t like Donald Trump because he was too brassy and tough to deal with.

“So, instead of being critical and doing your job, you opted to run a campaign in which you were Joe Biden’s cheerleaders.”

“You put this man in the White House with very little scrutiny,” Mr Farage continued.

“He’s a calamity. The consequences of his decision, as well as the manner in which he went about it, will be felt for many years.”

President Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan pullout has sparked considerable criticism from his critics.

The US president’s decision-making has been criticized, as has the haphazard nature of the US pullout, which has left many civilians trapped.

At least 13 US service members and over 100 Afghans were killed in an ISIS attack on the Kabul airport this week.

There could be additional strikes before the US’s departure deadline on Tuesday.

According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, President Biden was told by his national security staff that “another terror attack in Kabul is likely.”

Republicans in the United States have promised to make President Biden accountable for the bungled Afghan pullout.

Several Republican lawmakers have already started calling for impeachment or resignations.

Despite the reaction, US President Barack Obama has maintained his administration’s pledge to withdraw all US soldiers from Afghanistan.

“We are currently on track to conclude by August 31,” he said at the White House on Tuesday.

“The sooner we can complete this project, the better. Each day of operations exposes our men to greater danger.”


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