In a scathing Commons rebuke, Jacob Rees-Mogg slams M25 eco-activists as “hippie-crits.”


In a scathing Commons rebuke, Jacob Rees-Mogg slams M25 eco-activists as “hippie-crits.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the leader of the House of Commons, slammed M25 demonstrators as “humbug” and warned their risk to other people’s life jeopardizes the fundamental rights to liberty and protest.

Jacob Rees-Mogg responded to a question from Tory backbencher Tom Hunt, who asked if the Government will provide time in the House of Commons to debate how to deal with M25 “troublemakers.” Mr. Rees-Mogg wasted no time in slamming climate change activists, recalling how some members of Insulate Britain had not even insulated their homes. During an enraged rant, the Conservative heavyweight dubbed the group “hippie-crits” and said what they were doing was “silly and dangerous.”

Over the last two weeks, Insulate Britain has disrupted multiple roadways to draw attention to their organization and cause.

Five times, the mob has blocked several junctions and slip roads, with police initially doing little to dissuade the group from causing traffic disruption.

Following widespread public outrage at the police’s failure to act against Insulate Britain, the government has obtained a high court injunction allowing them to arrest and imprison protesters if they block the M25 motorways again.

According to the Sun, spokesperson Liam Norton, who has represented the organisation on various media platforms, lives in a single-glazed home with no cavity wall insulation.

After being questioned about the story, Mr Norton stormed off Good Morning Britain.

“My right honourable friend will have seen the mayhem generated this week by Insulate Britain on the M25,” Tom Hunt asked Jacob Rees-Mogg in the House of Commons.

“And will be relieved that a number of them have been apprehended and that an injunction has been issued against them.

“My fear is that they’ll just take another path somewhere else in the country.

“Will my right honourable friend find government time for us to discuss how it all might need to change so that we can deal with and move on from these troublemakers quickly and robustly?”

“My honourable friend is correct to highlight this, a lot of them are being exposed as the most absurd humbug,” Mr Rees-Mogg responded.

“I believe it is the Sun that has revealed that they claim to want installation but do not insulate not just their own homes but also the homes they rent out to others.

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