In a rare outburst, Prince Charles appeared to congratulate public staff on Brexit.


In a rare outburst, Prince Charles appeared to congratulate public staff on Brexit.

In an uncommon outburst for the heir to the throne, PRINCE CHARLES appeared to praise government servants on achieving Brexit, according to a rediscovered story.

The Brexit transition phase concluded at the beginning of this year, allowing Britain to fully break free from the EU’s restraints. Britain exited the single market and customs union at 11 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, breaking the terms set by Brussels. With a succession of free-trade deals, the UK has built its own path since exiting the European trading bloc, which today has only 27 member nations.

According to the government, the country’s first big agreement was inked with Japan in October and “goes beyond” the existing EU pact.

The UK then signed a tariff-free agreement with Australia in June, allowing for cheaper imports of British automobiles, Scotch whisky, and other goods.

Senior royals have visited a number of EU countries as part of their charm offensives to help the government negotiate Brexit.

Although members of the Royal Family are normally silent on political issues, Prince Charles, 72, appeared to say something about Brexit at one point.

The Prince of Wales, along with his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, 74, were given a tour of the Cabinet Office in February of last year.

The heir apparent gave a brief statement in which he appeared to express gratitude to government officials for completing Brexit.

“I commend you,” he continued, “especially given how much extra work you had to do in the last two years.”

“I hope things are a little less stressful now, with little sleep and without seeing much of your families.”

Michael Gove, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for the Cabinet Office, hosted Charles and Camilla for the visit.

The trip occurred on the same day as Prime Minister Boris Johnson reshuffled his Cabinet.

“Both my wife and I – we did worry whether today was quite the most prudent day to come,” Charles told Mr Gove and Whitehall colleagues.

“We did say, ‘Please, we don’t want to get in your way,’ but they said it was fine.”

“I simply want to say that it is always intriguing for me to witness what is going on in the heart of government in the Cabinet Office,” he continued.

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