In a popular video, a dog comically hijacks a weatherman’s live TV show after demanding cookies.


In a popular video, a dog comically hijacks a weatherman’s live TV show after demanding cookies.

DURING A LIVE TV REPORT, A WEATHERMAN’S DOG stole the show as his Goldendoodle followed him around the set and asked for food at all times.

During his weather show on Canada’s Global News television network, Canadian weatherman Anthony Farnell was suddenly joined by his Goldendoodle entitled “Storm the Forecast Dog.” Mr Farnell tried to goad Storm off-screen, but the weatherman eventually gave in and offered him food, making it appear as if he was walking on clouds thanks to the green screen behind him. Global News posted the amusing video, with viewers thanking the “Mutt-erlologist” for assisting his owner with the report.

Mr Farnell began the report innocuously enough, telling Canadian viewers what kind of weather they may expect over the weekend.

Storm, on the other hand, walked into the scene casually and followed Mr Farnell, who continued to work despite the disturbance.

Mr Farnell ultimately caved in and tossed a few goodies towards the center of the stage, as Storm appeared to be begging for them.

However, as the green screen changed scenery, the dog appeared to be walking on clouds as it pursued Mr Farnell around the set in search of food.

Mr Farnell was said to be working on the report from his house, which is why Storm was involved.

Storm has made regular appearances on Global News during news broadcasts, so this isn’t the first time the dog has stolen the show.

Storm became famous in 2012 after interrupting Global Toronto anchor Leslie Roberts during a serious show.

Storm poked his head out from under the desk while discussing an organ transplant tale, which confused many viewers at the time.

Storm fell asleep behind the desk after his calls for attention were ignored by Mr Roberts.

Millions of people watched the odd weather video online and couldn’t stop laughing.

“Sorry, but this is the best thing I’ve seen this week,” one wrote.

“My new favorite WFH problem,” said another. I’m not sure why, but it just keeps getting funnier.”

“Me, I’m just proud that Storm the weather dog loves to hang out in Ontario,” one tweet stated.

Storm the Weather Dog has a surprisingly large fan base throughout the world, with articles about him appearing in pet magazines.

Over 5,000 people have liked a Facebook fan page. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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