In a personal birthday greeting, Samantha Markle criticizes Meghan, telling her to “wake up and be good.”


In a personal birthday greeting, Samantha Markle criticizes Meghan, telling her to “wake up and be good.”

SAMANTHA Markle has slammed her sister Meghan for treating her family “like dish rags” and urged the Duchess of Sussex to cherish her relatives.

Samantha Markle, Meghan Markle’s half-sister, has launched a new attack on the Duchess of Sussex’s treatment of her family, urging her to “be that humanitarian your PR makes you out to be.” Samantha Markle said in an interview with GB News that their common father, Thomas Markle, was “wonderful” and did not deserve to be cut off by his daughter and Prince Harry.

Samantha Markle remarked to GB News anchor Dan Wooton when asked to send Meghan a birthday message, “Tell your attorneys and your PR people I said to walk on the curb.”

“First and foremost, you’re not 12 or 19, and even if you were, Dad has provided you with everything you’ve ever wanted and has been incredible to you.

You have no right to treat him, the Royal Family, or anybody else like this because you are 40 years old.

“How long do you think it will take you to wake up and be nice and humanitarian like your PR portrays you to be?

“This isn’t a game; these are real people with lives, hearts, and sentiments, and you have no right to abuse that and treat them like dish rags.

“You did a dish soap commercial, which is terrific, fine, and wonderful, but you don’t treat people like dishrags.”

“Talk about inequity — treat the people in your life as if they have some worth, as if they are as significant as your photo ops and galas and whatnot,” she said.

“Life is short, and all of that doesn’t matter.” What important are the people in your life who you are icing and who cannot be replaced.

“You’re 40, and you might not have another birthday, and Dad might not have another.”

Samantha Markle hasn’t seen her sister in years and was not invited to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding in May 2018.

Samantha refuted Meghan’s assertion that they hadn’t seen each other in 19 years and provided photos of the couple in 2008. She also disclosed that in 2014, they had spoken on the phone.

Samantha’s relationship with Princess Pushy degenerated after she published the “tell-all” book “Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister,” which.


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