In a MAJOR conciliatory move, Kim Jong-un resumes communication channels with South Korea.


In a MAJOR conciliatory move, Kim Jong-un resumes communication channels with South Korea.

NORTH KOREA has announced that all direct communication lines with South Korea will be restored on Monday, asking Seoul to respond with “positive” steps.

The action is a step toward restoring the bond between the South and the North.

The statement comes only days after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un expressed his aim to restore the country’s broken ties with the South.

According to the North’s official Korean Central News Agency, “the relevant organs resolved to restore all North-South communication lines from 9:00 on October 4 faithful to his purpose.”

“The South Korean authorities should make positive efforts to get North-South relations back on track and to resolve the critical tasks that must be prioritized in order to open up a bright future prospect, keeping in mind the significance of restoring communication links.”

The North Korean leader, 37, declared at a parliament session last week that the decision to reopen the border was made to ensure “lasting peace.”

The step, according to Jong-un, is “to realize the anticipation and wish of the entire nation” for “the restoration of North-South relations as soon as possible and the establishment of a durable peace on the Korean Peninsula.”

The 37-year-old, however, emphasized that the connection was two-sided, and that Seoul currently controls the future course of North-South relations.

Despite the fact that the two countries are still formally at war, Seoul and Pyongyang have been seeking to repair relations.

Since the armistice that concluded the 1950-53 battle, South and North Korea have been technically at war.

There has yet to be an official peace treaty signed.

Pyongyang has stated that the conditional olive branch is contingent on the “attitude of South Korean authorities.”

On Monday, the South’s unification ministry said officials from both Koreas spoke for the first time since August, months after North Korea cut a cross-border hotline.

“The administration evaluates that a basis for rebuilding inter-Korean ties has been given with the restoration of the South-North communication line,” the ministry said in a statement.

The two Koreas’ communication connections have been cut and restored numerous times.

After tensions deteriorated last year, North Korea cut off all connections with the South, including a hotline between both presidents, and then restored it in August.


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