In a hybrid conflict, Poland announces a state of emergency as Belarus opens the floodgates to EU migrants.


In a hybrid conflict, Poland announces a state of emergency as Belarus opens the floodgates to EU migrants.

POLAND is likely to declare a state of emergency for the first time since communist rule ended in a desperate attempt to stop tens of thousands of migrants from Belarus from entering the nation.

The Polish government has asked President Andrzej Duda to declare an emergency in two eastern districts, citing concerns that Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko is attempting to force refugees into the EU. “Lukashenko’s dictatorship decided to drive these people onto Polish, Lithuanian, and Latvian territory in an effort to destabilize,” stated Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. Belarus has been accused of waging a “hybrid war” against Brussels, following a deterioration in the country’s relations with the EU since President Lukashenko claimed victory in a disputed election.

Mr Morawiecki has accused President Lukashenko of “shoving” refugees into the EU by flying them into Belarus from Iraq and Turkey.

He continued, “The situation on the border with Belarus is a crisis.”

Last week, Poland began building a barbed-wire barrier along its border with Belarus in an effort to reduce the number of migrants entering the country.

Polish authorities will have the right to limit the movement of individuals, including relief organizations, in border areas if a state of emergency is declared.

Even at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the procedures had not been used in four decades.

Restrictions will be in place in 183 communities in the provinces of Podlaskie and Lubelskie, all of which are within a mile of the border.

Over 3,000 migrants, largely from Iraq and Afghanistan, attempted to cross the border last month.

The crisis, according to Brussels, is “not a migratory issue, but part of Lukashenko’s hostility.”

Belarus’ president is attempting to “destabilize” the EU, according to top eurocrats.

Lithuania and Latvia, Poland’s neighbors, declared states of emergency last month to assist authorities in reducing the flow of migrants through their borders with Belarus.

Poland’s state of emergency is expected to last 30 days, coinciding with Russia’s Zapad military exercise in the middle of the month.

Every four years, Russia and its partners, which this time include Belarus, Kazakhstan, and China, conduct a week-long drill.

Marija Golubeva, Latvia’s interior minister, has stepped up pressure on the EU to intervene on the country’s border with Belarus.

“Thousands of people from as far away have been lured by promises of easy admission to the EU and the potential to reside in nations such as Germany or Sweden.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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