In a heated XR debate, Nick Ferrari hangs up on a climate change protester. ‘You’re not responding!’


In a heated XR debate, Nick Ferrari hangs up on a climate change protester. ‘You’re not responding!’

After asking a climate change activist six times if he backed Extinction Rebellion’s actions in central London, Nick Ferrari hung up.

In the second week of the group’s demonstrations across the capital, Extinction Rebellion (XR) protestors commandeered parts of two prominent bridges in central London. Activists took over the southern end of the London Bridge on Tuesday, blocking the traffic with a bus, while others gathered on Tower Bridge and sat on top of a parked camper on Monday. Asad Rehman was asked by LBC host Nick Ferrari if he supported the protesters.

“I understand you’re really worried, and you work in this sector, and you’re doing a campaign in this field,” Mr Ferrari added.

“Would you, and this is the sixth time asking, support it if London Bridge was still blocked and a bus with a dozen or so passengers with their hands fastened to the bus?”

“As I said, I believe the right to a peaceful process is a fundamental right,” Mr Rehman responded.

“It’s understandable that folks are frustrated.”

“Mr Rehman, you’re not answering my question,” the LBC host interjected.

“I’ve asked you six times already, and I’m still waiting for your explanation. I’m just trying to find out if you believe this level of protest is acceptable in a bustling city, because the Met says it isn’t.

“I need an answer; would you support it or not?” Please don’t say it’s about exercising one’s right to free speech.”

Mr Ferrari hung up on Mr Rehman after thanking him for his time when Mr Rehman failed to respond.

Boris Johnson has vowed a “smooth and reasonable” transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, claiming that Margaret Thatcher’s coal mine closures gave the UK a “head start.”

On the third day of his journey to Scotland, the Prime Minister visited an offshore wind farm and said there are “huge prospects” to enhance the use of green technology.

The visit comes ahead of the Cop26 international climate summit, which will take place in Glasgow in November, and Mr Johnson has stated that he wants it to be “ambitious” in its goals.

Mr Johnson admitted that North Sea oil has been a “major part of the UK economy for decades” and that contracts for work in the industry “should not be terminated.”

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