In a heartwarming family video, Julia Bradbury discusses the ‘difficult’ time ahead after undergoing a breast cancer operation.


In a heartwarming family video, Julia Bradbury discusses the ‘difficult’ time ahead after undergoing a breast cancer operation.

JULIA BRADBURY has received an outpouring of sympathy from fans as she talks about her “difficult” self-isolation period leading up to her mastectomy later this month.

Julia Bradbury, who first revealed her breast cancer diagnosis last month on Countryfile, is expected to have a mastectomy soon.

The 51-year-left old’s breast, as well as a six-centimetre tumor, will be removed.

Surgeons will also extract tissue samples from her lymph nodes to see if the cancer has spread.

Julia shared a video of herself and one of her girls holding hands as they walked up the stairs on her Instagram page today.

Before her operation, the presenter told followers she would be self-isolating at home with her children.

“This is my little shadow all day today, she hasn’t left my side,” she remarked in the video.

‘They’ve had their fill of oxygen!’ Joan Collins slams Harry and Meghan. She remarked, in light of her 113,000 followers: “These are the moments that keep me going at the present. I’m thankful for my small people.

“It’ll be difficult to isolate myself before my surgery, so I’m stockpiling up on cuddles. #family #love #love #love #love #love #luv” Many of the Countryfile star’s followers left comments on her post.

“Sending heaps of love and strength,” Lizzie Cundy said.

“Thinking of you, as will thousands of others,” Fisonr2020 wrote.

The distillery Dreem wrote: “Maintain your fortitude. Those lovely embraces will help you get through.” Domino 34 wrote, “Good luck Julia, I’ll be thinking about you.”

Zephyr, ten, and twins Xanthe and Zena, all six, are the presenter’s children.

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She went on to say in the Mail Online: “Humans have the unfortunate distinction of being the only creatures on the planet who are aware that they will die.

“We all dream of dying peacefully in our beds, having raised children and grandkids, or having accomplished whatever life objective we set for ourselves.

“However, the word cancer conjures up images of the most heinous death imaginable.

That is the truth of the situation.”

Julia went on to state that combating the cancer and continuing to live her life were her primary concerns.

“I still have to be a. “Brinkwire News Summary “..


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