In a fiery Brexit outburst, Dominic Cummings slams the “Remain establishment.”


In a fiery Brexit outburst, Dominic Cummings slams the “Remain establishment.”

DOMINIC Cummings launched a scathing attack on the “Remain elite” during a fiery Brexit outburst.

Based on events over the previous five years, Mr Cummings, who was a key participant in the 2016 Vote Leave campaign, reaffirmed this week that he believes Brexit is a “positive thing.” He made the remarks during a tense BBC interview with Laura Kuennsberg, in which the former Downing Street adviser also accused Mr Johnson of lacking a strategy and claimed he “doesn’t know how to be Prime Minister.” Mr Cummings, who resigned from Number 10 last autumn following a power struggle, has now slammed those who voted Remain in the EU referendum, alleging they believed they were “morally superior.”

“Vote Leave: reasonable people can differ about Brexit,” he remarked on Twitter.

“Remain establishment: We’re morally superior, we’ve been duped by lies and villains, we’ve been hoodwinked by public morons.

“Well-heeled London,” says the narrator. Remain will never comprehend what happened unless they abandon the fantasy that one side is morally superior to the other.”

Britons voted 52 percent to 48 percent to exit the EU in the 2016 referendum.

Many others, however, claimed that the Leave campaign spread disinformation, citing the Vote Leave bus as an example, which claimed that the UK contributes £350 million per week to the EU, which could be spent on the NHS.

Mr. Cummings told Ms. Kuenssberg that he still believes Brexit was a good decision.

“I think it’s quite legitimate to say Brexit was a mistake…of course, some people believe that,” he remarked.

“Obviously, I believe that Brexit was a wonderful thing… I believe that the way the world has turned out since 2016 vindicates Vote Leave’s views in a variety of ways.

“I believe Brexit was a positive thing.”

Mr Cummings also claimed that he assisted in the negotiation of a deal between Mr Johnson and Michael Gove to lead a new government following the Brexit vote.

“Yeah, sort of,” Mr Cummings answered when asked if he thought Mr Johnson would be the next Prime Minister following the 2016 election.

“I thought that, so over the last few weeks, I struck an agreement with him and Michael Gove about what to do in this scenario.

“The deal was that Michael would not run for prime minister, that he would be chancellor, and that Boris would be PM.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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