In a Brexit’sacrifice’ confession, John Bishop slammed ‘unelected officials’ in Brussels.


In a Brexit’sacrifice’ confession, John Bishop blasted ‘unelected officials’ in Brussels.

When asked what he liked about Brexit, JOHN BISHOP lashed out at “unelected officials” in the EU, admitting that he saw it as a “sacrifice” that had to be made to remain a member of the bloc.

On Saturday night, the actor and comedian will appear on ‘The John Bishop Show,’ where he will perform his hilarious topical stand-up routines.

He’ll also speak with celebrities from the worlds of film, television, sports, and music.

This week, Paul Weller performs his new single, Beardyman, a beatboxer, performs improvised music, and Trevor Noah, a South African comedian, performs a stand-up set.

Mr Bishop is known for his wit, but his political intervention in 2018 surprised some.

During the Brexit impasse, the Liverpudlian was a staunch Remainer who even marched in People’s Vote rallies.

When asked about it, however,

“I would in all honesty say getting away from the control of unelected officials, who are defining a lot of policies and laws in the UK That doesn’t make sense,” he told The Tab.

“However, that is the price you pay for being a part of that larger body.”

Mr Bishop, despite being on the losing side of the 2016 referendum, has enjoyed a good laugh when it comes to Brexit.

“Brexit negotiations should be such that if they don’t give us a good deal, they can’t sing in our language at @bbceurovision,” he joked in December 2019.

That’ll bollox’em,” says the narrator.

He also shared a hilarious story about him and his wife Melanie arguing about Brexit on the day of the referendum.

Mr Bishop said on ‘The Blame Game’ in June 2017: “What happened was, we went, I had the chat with her, and I said, ‘How can you vote Leave?'”

“We got to the voting booth, voted, and I voted Remain, while I thought she had voted Leave.”

“When we got in the car, I asked if she had cancelled me out, and she replied, ‘No, I listened to you and voted Remain.’

“Then we went home and watched it on television, and the result came out, and the entire country voted to leave.”

‘I told you I was right!’ she exclaimed.

Prior to the premiere of his new show.

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