In a bizarre concert, North Korean children fight COVID-19 and praise Kim Jong-un – VIDEO


In a bizarre concert, North Korean children fight COVID-19 while praising Kim Jong-un – VIDEO

NORTH KOREA has staged an unusual children’s concert to ring in the new year, as leader Kim Jong-un approaches his tenth year in power.

North Korea rang in the new year with a bizarre children’s concert, which included songs about fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and fighting the US. Footage from the concert shows dancing children dressed as hand sanitizer bottles, while lyrics urge children to follow the rules to avoid “big problems.”

“Let’s sanitize the right way,” the children sang.

Don’t scrimp on quality, and don’t let your guard down, or you’ll end up with major issues.”

After that, children dressed as thermometers took the stage, claiming that their temperatures were never too high.

An oversized schoolgirl doll appeared in the performance, urging the nation’s children to keep “Kim Jong Un’s beloved classrooms” free of viruses.

On social media, the oversized schoolgirl doll was compared to a doll from the hit Netflix series Squid Game.

Another song featured children dressed as soldiers who sang “Death to the American Imperialists!”

Kim Jong-un was referred to as “father” by the children, while the ruling party was referred to as “mother.”

They also expressed gratitude to the ruling party and Kim Jong-un for providing them with “joy and happiness.”

The goal of the annual concert is to instill patriotism and loyalty in young children.

Thousands of North Koreans held a rally following the concert to show their “political loyalty” to the regime.

The march coincided with the launch of the country’s first missile in 2022.

Kim Jong-un stated in his New Year’s address that the main tasks for this year were to increase development and raise people’s living standards.

He added that, as the country faces a “great life-and-death struggle,” the faltering economy will be a national priority this year.

“Emergency epidemic prevention work should be made a top priority in state work,” he added.

North Korea is suffering from food shortages as a result of a strict blockade imposed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Pyongyang claims to have never seen a single COVID-19 case.

The DPRK leader proposed that strict anti-Covid measures be maintained indefinitely.


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