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Impressive one-year-old showcases his advanced motor skills in a game of three shells with his dad

Video footage has captured the adorable moment a one-year-old baby proved his genius by playing the ball under cup game with his dad.     

Mikey Nathaniel Hutchinson, from the Caribbean island of Grenada, has already shown himself to have amazing memory and motor skills in the first year of his life.

The video shows agile baby Mikey, as he is affectionately known, grabbing for the correct cup holding the ball each time, sometimes making his decision within a second.

Parents Rena Nathaniel, 32, an instructional design manager and Mikey Hutchinson, 37, a journalist and program host, say the incident was not a one off. 

‘The video captured was the first time I played that game with him and was amazed by his accuracy and decided to record the experience,’ explained dad Mikey. ‘The focus and precision displayed in the video is how he behaves normally.

‘In his first few months we noticed he has amazing memory and motorskills.’

The dad said that Mikey, who is an only child, was able to remember an action or game for hours or even days after they showed him and added that he is a very energetic baby.

Although they can’t be sure, the parents believe that Rena’s efforts to sing to Mikey before he was born could have helped with his development.

Mikey said: ‘During pregnancy, his mother read and played him music, we even spoke to him. He acknowledged that with a few kicks.

As expecting parents, we made sure we created an ideal environment for his development.

‘His mother gave extra effort in keeping a positive and peaceful frame of mind at all times.’

Yet despite the efforts to remain calm the first time parents said his birth was a ‘scary experience’.  

His dad added: ‘We believe he almost died due to his low heart rate. It was a difficult delivery. The Dr had to take extra measures to guaranty his safe arrival.’ 

Despite a rocky start, the youngster is incredibly social, claim his parents: 

‘Mikey is always smiling and greeting strangers,’ they added. ‘He has no difficulty in becoming quickly acquainted to with people he has never met before.’

For the first six months of his life, baby Mikey was only breast fed. 

He is still breast fed alongside regular food, say the doting parents, who plan to continue to raise him on the quiet island of Grenada, which has a small population of 110,000. 

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