‘Imagine the discussions,’ says Macron, as his ‘pointless’ EU army idea is savagely demolished.


‘Imagine the discussions,’ says Macron, as his ‘pointless’ EU army idea is savagely demolished.

UK defence secretary Ben Wallace slammed EMMANUEL Macron’s repeatedly stated goal of an EU army, calling it “pointless” and implying that the bloc was incapable of making life-or-death decisions.

Mr Wallace was asked about suggestions by Mr Macron and other senior EU politicians for a special EU force of up to 20,000 troops that could be deployed quickly throughout the globe while speaking on the margins of the Tory Party conference in Manchester. Next month, EU authorities are expected to propose a draft plan for a “first entry force.”

However, the former British Army officer was highly skeptical of the idea’s feasibility.

“What is really essential,” he told the Telegraph, “is whether you can come to a political decision to send men and women who may risk death all over the world.”

As a result, I believe two things are pointless.”

“One is, you already have that worked out for 90% of Europe, and it’s called Nato, so why would you need to duplicate that?” he explained.”

Second, I don’t believe the European Union would be able to agree on such life-or-death problems.

“As a result, you’ll have a potential standing army that won’t be able to do much.”

Can you imagine the squabbles over who would pay for the equipment?

Wallace, Ben

Furthermore, Mr Wallace questioned the idea’s feasibility in terms of decision-making.

“Can you imagine the bickering over who gets to buy the equipment?” he remarked.

Is it going to be French or German? “And then, are we going to put it to good use?” I believe that is a press release rather than a true statement.” Despite the development of a system of 1,500-strong battlegroups in 2007, EU efforts to create a fast response force have been blocked for more than ten years due to budget disagreements and a reluctance to deploy, efforts to create a rapid response force have been halted for more than 10 years.

However, the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan has resurrected the issue, as the EU may be unable to evacuate soldiers from places where it is training foreign armies, such as Mali in West Africa.

“The EU must be able to interfere to preserve our interests when the Americans. “Brinkwire Summary News,” said Joseph Borrell, the EU’s top diplomat, in August.


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