‘I’m tired of her!’ Angela Rayner has a badge made in her honor for her ‘Tory Scum’ attack.


‘I’m tired of her!’ Angela Rayner has a badge made in her honor for her ‘Tory Scum’ attack.

ANGELA RAYNER has been publicly embarrassed by Conservative MP Dehenna Davison, who had ‘Tory Scum’ badges produced for the party’s annual conference.

The MP for Bishop Auckland explained how she felt “sick” of Deputy Labour Leader Ed Miliband calling Prime Minister Boris Johnson a “racist,” “homophobic,” and “Tory slime,” to the point where the badge had to be produced in her honor, as she decried the normalisation of such language in politics.

“I get so sick of some of the harsh terminology that she used against politicians, but especially about anyone on the right, about Conservatives, and I want to reclaim it!” Ms Davison slammed.

It’s perfectly acceptable to refer to me as Tory scum! I am a Conservative, and I am glad to be one!” “Besides, Angela Rayner informed us that scum is a joyful remark you would say to one of your friends,” she continued.

“So it was plainly a compliment all along!”

Ms Davison also stated that she would not be shocked if additional MPs wore the badge during the Manchester conference in the coming days.

Ms Rayner’s statements at a fringe event at her party’s convention last weekend, in which she lambasted Mr Johnson, have had a devastating backlash.

Ms Rayner slammed the event, saying, “We can’t get any worse than a bunch of slime, homophobic…

“Racist, misogynistic, utterly horrible, banana republic, vile, nasty, Etonian… scum.”

She went on to say that she had “held back a little” with her remarks, which have caused outrage and demands that she apologize.

But, according to the Deputy Labour Leader, that will only happen if Mr Johnson apologizes for his remarks about LGBTQ+ and BAME groups.

Sarah Atherton, the Conservative MP for Wrexham, has now accused Ms Rayner of “fueling online abuse” and “normalising harassment” when she made the comments.

She told the Sunday Express that Ms Rayner’s statements stunned her and that they will simply add to a corrosive culture in parliament, where women MPs have been targeted with threats and abuse in particular.

“When an MP is unable to attend their own conference due to harassment from their own party, or when one is forced to leave an internet platform due to the abuse they have experienced,” Ms Atherton said.

“We have to,” says the narrator of “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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