‘I’m out of power for the rest of my life!’ Labour’s clinging to the EU has enraged Britons: ‘I still haven’t accepted Brexit.’


‘I’m out of power for the rest of my life!’ Labour’s clinging to the EU has enraged Britons: ‘I still haven’t accepted Brexit.’

BRITS have slammed Labour after a Conservative Minister reacted angrily to Emily Thornberry’s comments about the UK’s post-Brexit trading policy.

Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign Trade Emily Thornberry questioned whether putting “all this work” into negotiating international treaties post-Brexit makes “any sense.” Greg Hands, Minister of State for Trade Policy, slammed the Labour MP for her remarks, and readers of this page voiced their displeasure.

Ms Thornberry said her “greatest priority” would be to “repair the huge trade deal with the European Union” during an event at the Institute for Government.

On December 30, the Labour MP voted in favor of the EU-UK trade pact.

“I think that in terms of trade deal priority, I would start with attempting to fix the trade deal that we already have with the European Union,” she said at the conference.

“I believe that should be our top focus, rather than wasting time pursuing minor trade agreements that make little difference.”

Ms. Thornberry also stated that she would prioritize the EU over other agreements, such as joining the £9 trillion Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Mr Hands responded by blasting Ms Thornberry and claiming that, despite Sir Keir Starmer’s declaration that Labour has embraced Brexit and moved on, the party’s “leadership team continues to fixate on old divides.”

“It defies belief that Labour’s trade head thinks we should focus on the EU – with whom we already have a trade deal – rather than wasting energy on trade arrangements with the rest of the world,” he continued.

“It demonstrates that, even now, Starmer’s Labour Party refuses to believe in Britain’s ability to develop new trade and jobs with our allies around the world, preferring instead to focus solely on trade with the EU.”

In response to a story on This website, readers slammed the Labour Party for Ms Thornberry’s remarks.

“Thornberry simply wants the UK to join the EU single market and customs union as a precondition for rejoining the EU,” one source added.

“Not a chance!” exclaims the narrator.

“Thornberry is fantastic,” said another reader. She and a few of her friends will keep Labour out of power indefinitely.”

In a harsh evaluation of Sir Keir’s Labour, readers suggested the party should be “wiped out at the next general election.”

“Despite what Starmer says,” one reader said, “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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