I’m nowhere to be found! UK fisherman have slammed Conservative MPs for their silence on the ‘sell-out’ EU deal.


I’m nowhere to be found! UK fisherman have slammed Conservative MPs for their silence on the ‘sell-out’ EU deal.

UK FISHERMEN have shattered the quiet of Conservative Party MPs who promoted the possible benefits of Brexit but have subsequently witnessed an industry suffer, claiming the EU deal is a “sell-out.”

On Christmas Eve, the United Kingdom and the European Union reached an 11th-hour Free Trade Agreement (FTA), with fishing rights proving to be a contentious topic during the frequently acrimonious Brexit negotiations. Boris Johnson had promised to do everything he could to defend UK fisherman in any deal, but has subsequently been accused of a “betrayal” and a “story of woe, very far removed from the sea of opportunity that some spoke about” by representing organisations. In order to avoid a no-deal Brexit, the Prime Minister was accused of almost completely bending on the subject in talks with the EU, abandoning many of the red lines that had been in place since the outset of the talks.

Despite pledges to the sector, quota shares were only modestly altered to favor British boats, and no coastal exclusion zone was established.

Even the “most ardent supporters” among Tory MPs have gone “extremely quiet” after the deal was finalized, according to the National Federation of Fisherman’s Organizations (NFFO).

“Those Conservative MPs who were our most strident supporters were extremely quiet, regarding the consequences of the TCA,” NFFO chief executive Barrie Deas said during a conference on Wednesday.

“That is the world to which we must adapt.

“For example, the European Research Group frequently used fishing as a poster child for Brexit, but I don’t believe any of them came out and said this is a poor deal for fishing.

“They had their sights set on the main prize, which was, of course, the trade agreement.”

The fishing industry believes the EU agreement was a “sell-out” because the situation would remain basically same until the parameters are re-negotiated in 2026, according to the fishing head.

Early excitement among UK fisherman about the Brexit deal had been shattered, according to Mr Deas, following stern guarantees from Mr Johnson, Brexit minister Lord Frost, and senior members of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet.

“It’s really difficult to express how quick the industry’s fall from grace was,” the NFFO’s top executive stated.

“We were sort of the poster child for Brexit in December last year,” Brinkwire Summary News said.


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