‘I’m not sure why we left.’ Guy Verhofstadt’s attempt to demonize the EU’s “dictatorship” backfires.


‘I’m not sure why we left.’ Guy Verhofstadt’s attempt to demonize the EU’s “dictatorship” backfires.

On social media, GUY VERHOFSTADT’s attempt to lash out against Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban backfired horribly.

Following reports that the Hungarian government used Israeli spyware to spy on journalists, a Belgian MEP called for a full investigation. “No more ‘deeply concerned’…. the EU has a dictatorship forming within it,” Mr Verhofstadt wrote on Twitter.

“A comprehensive investigation by the European Parliament is required!”

However, his outcry backfired, as British Twitter users quickly pointed out that EU corruption is precisely why Brexiteers opted to leave the bloc.

“Last time I checked, the ‘dictator’ was democratically elected, unlike…” said one person.

“Only one, Guy?” says another. In recent years, the entire EU effort has been a “dictatorship.”

“We have no idea why we decided to go, and others will undoubtedly follow!”

“Sometimes Guy, you allow the light in,” someone else said. Why did the United Kingdom leave?

“But, more significantly, why can’t you see it if someone in Sunderland (the first to disclose in 2016) can?”

“He’s elected,” another user stated. Your superiors aren’t.”

“The EU absolutely has a dictatorship forming within it, and it is being organized by the EU Commission,” stated another.

“A bunch of ‘untouchables’ who appear to have no accountability!”

After revelations that Israeli software was used to hack the smartphones of journalists, government officials, and human rights campaigners around the world, the European Union condemned any eavesdropping on journalists on Monday.

“What we’ve seen so far – and this needs to be confirmed, but if it’s true – is simply unacceptable. Against any of the European Union’s rules,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen stated during a visit to Prague.

“Freedom of the press and media is one of the EU’s key values. If this (hacking) is the case, it is utterly unacceptable.”

According to a report released on Sunday by 17 media organizations led by the Paris-based non-profit journalism organization Forbidden Stories, spyware developed and licensed by the Israeli company NSO was used in the attempted and successful hacking of 37 smartphones belonging to journalists, government officials, and human rights activists.

According to NSO, their product is reserved for use by vetted government intelligence and law enforcement organizations in the fight against terrorism and crime.

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