I’m not sure what I can do to help the Amazon Rainforest. Carbon data shows that the forest is dying, which is terrifying.


I’m not sure what I can do to help the Amazon Rainforest. Carbon data shows that the forest is dying, which is terrifying.

THE AMAZON RAINFOOT FOREST is losing its ability to absorb carbon, and it is currently emitting more than it is taking in. So, how can you assist?

According to a new study, large swaths of the Amazon Rainforest have begun to exhale more CO2 than they absorb. The Amazon, which is home to the world’s largest tropical forest, is critical for absorbing and storing carbon emissions, and this revelation implies major concern for the rainforest and the planet as a whole as climate change takes effect.

There are things you can do to help turn this alarming tide; the more people who do it, the more likely it is to succeed, so forward this to all your friends and relatives.

Here are four easy ways you can help the rainforest:

The main drivers of deforestation in the Amazon basin are beef, soybeans, and palm oil.

Reduce your paper and wood usage – think office paper, toilet paper, disposable cups, and so on – to assist.

Check for soy or palm oil ingredients on food labels, and buy alternatives if available.

Cattle farming, which accounts for over 80% of forest clearance in the Amazon, is another major contributor to the problem.

A swath of land the size of Ireland has also been cleared for soybean production, which is subsequently exported as cattle fodder to support the global beef industry.

Many individuals find it difficult to go vegetarian or vegan, but reducing your intake of beef, pig, cheese, and milk can help.

Why not treat yourself to a new vegetarian cookbook and get creative with your meals? You can start with one veggie day per week and gradually increase until you feel you’ve made considerable reductions.

You may also begin buying more ethically by selecting products that are either sustainably sourced or manufactured from recycled materials.

You can avoid buying products from firms who have a low score on the list of companies that have failed to eliminate deforestation from their supply chains. Check it out here.

A small donation to a charity can go a long way toward assisting their personnel in carrying out important work.

Look around until you find one you like – the WWF, Rainforest Action Network, and Rainforest Foundation are a few examples.

Remember, you don’t need to send a large sum to make a difference; more people donating would make a bigger effect. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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