‘I’m not risking it,’ Prince Harry warns Ricky Wilson following a backstage incident.


‘I’m not risking it,’ Prince Harry warns Ricky Wilson following a backstage incident.

PRINCE HARRY once instructed the Kaiser Chiefs not to share a photo they took with him, and the remark has stuck with frontman Ricky Wilson for years.

Ricky Wilson of Kaiser Chiefs claimed he didn’t know if Prince Harry was joking when he made the remark, but decided not to publish it just in case he was serious. Despite the fact that the incident occurred years ago, the 43-year-old joked that he didn’t want to risk the possibility of receiving an MBE in the future.

“He was backstage at a show years ago and he came inside our makeshift cabin and we were all quite excited, obviously… royalty!” he recalled to This website. The Royals are one of my favorite teams.

“And as he was leaving, he remarked, ‘Don’t put that anywhere.'”

“I’m not sure if he was joking or not, but I’m not going to endanger my MBE by displaying a photograph.”

“So the only people who have that image are… my mother, who has it under a coffee table glass.”

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Ricky Wilson (@rickontour) shared a post.

Ricky stated that he didn’t like the photo in the first place because he appeared “far too delighted to be there.”

He went on to explain that because the royal didn’t give an explanation, he believes he was joking.

The rocker also spoke with Keith Lemon on his first visit to Buckingham Palace.

On the royals, he stated, “We were really courteous, I remember stepping in and being in awe.”

“I admire the royal family and believe they’re wonderful.

“I understand that having someone with my political leanings is undoubtedly unpopular, but I defy anyone, even the most ardent anti-royalists, to be put in a room with a royal and not be dead courteous.”

“It’s like a default setting; you start bowing and curtsying for no apparent reason, and it’s fine with me.”

Ricky and Gaby Roslin revisited the incident on Virgin Radio last month.

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