‘I’m not in touch!’ Lord Adonis was slammed for claiming that the UK would choose to rejoin the EU in a new referendum.


‘I’m not in touch!’ Lord Adonis was slammed for claiming that the UK would choose to rejoin the EU in a new referendum.

After stating that the UK would rejoin the EU in a new vote, Lord Adonis has stirred outrage.

The Labour peer turned to Twitter to declare that if given the chance, Britain would rejoin the EU. “It’s clear that if there could be another Brexit referendum, we would Rejoin tomorrow,” Lord Adonis tweeted. However, Lord Adonis’ allegation elicited a heated response from other Twitter users.

“How out of touch can you possibly be,” one user, @ChittockGary, replied.

“No,” commented another, @gardenslippers. I supported Remain, but following the EU’s contempt for the UK, I will vote Leave IF there is a next time, which there won’t be.” “Rubbish,” said a third, @CrazySparky. “Keep dreaming,” said user @IanDavidWhiteh2. A fifth Twitter user, @Janineplenty1, blasted: “No chance.” “They always win the hypothetical votes in their own brains, this lot,” @oflynnsocial added. Just get rid of the actual ones.” Other social media users, though, agreed with Lord Adonis, with @salfasanop writing: “I believe that a second Brexit referendum would have been won by remain on any single day throughout the last five years.” “We’d have to pray the EU would have us back,” @bpoplectic added. It isn’t fully up to us to just start up where we left off.” Lord Adonis’ tweet comes after he laid out his “step by step” plan for re-entering the EU during a fringe event at the Labour Party conference last week.

“Of course, we have to look to the future, and of course, we have to be practical,” he remarked.

It is evident that if a second Brexit referendum were held, we would re-join tomorrow.” As chair of the European Movement, I believe that we should be in favor of electoral reform and a progressive alliance across party lines.

“If we’re going to get rid of this Tory administration, we need to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts, and we also need to be realistic about how we accomplish it.”

“Our strategy should be to take it one step at a time toward rejoining.

“We campaign on the musicians, Erasmus, the shortage of HGV drivers, and we force the government to modify its policy on these issues issue after issue in parliament.”

“We force them to eat their words, and then we gradually return.”

“And how should we vote in the next election?” “Brinkwire Summary News” with the Liberal Democrats.


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