‘I’m losing interest in fishing,’ a fisherman laments, pleading with Boris to help the industry.


A fisherman pleads with Boris to help the industry, saying, “I’m losing my desire to fish.”

A FISHERMAN has made a heartfelt appeal to the government to assist in the recovery of the British fishing industry, claiming that he is “losing the will to fish.”

In January 2021, the EU and the UK reached an agreement that resulted in changes to fishing quotas for European vessels in British waters.

However, as the UK fights to reclaim control of its coastal waters, EU boats will be able to fish in British waters for another four years.

Over the course of five years, the deal ensured that 25% of EU boats’ fishing rights in UK waters would be transferred to the British fleet.

Following that, annual negotiations will determine how the catch is shared between the UK and the EU, with the UK having the option to completely exclude EU boats after 2026.

However, leading fishing experts have warned that after 40 years in the EU, Britain’s fishing industry has already been destroyed.

Now, Paul Lines, chairman of the Lowestoft Fish Market Alliance, has made a heartfelt plea to the British government to assist in the rebuilding of the once-thriving fishing industry.

“I’m 64 years old and I’m slowly losing the will to fish,” he told this website.

“I’ve spent the last couple of years preparing a boat for my son.

“I’d also like our government to assist him and try to make it a success.”

“Before I die, I want to see the fishing industry and communities receive some recognition.”

For months, the UK and France have been at odds over fishing.

When Britain left the EU, the two parties agreed to set up a licensing system to allow fishing vessels to access each other’s waters.

However, France claims it has not received the full number of visas it is entitled to, while Britain claims only those who do not have the proper documentation have been denied.

When France threatened to file a lawsuit against the EU, the situation became even worse.

Mr Lines, on the other hand, accused Lord Frost of “consigning all fishermen to the dustbin” and urged Liz Truss to invoke Article 16 immediately.

“All fishermen and fishing industries were consigned to the dustbin by Lord Frost,” he continued.

“The only ray of hope we have is if Liz Truss invokes Article 16 and cancels the agreement.”

“P*** off with your boats, you’re not coming here.”

Brexit fishing deal negotiated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson

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