‘I’m hanging out with the LA elite!’ According to a source, Harry and Meghan live a “baller” lifestyle.


‘I’m hanging out with the LA elite!’ According to a source, Harry and Meghan live a “baller” lifestyle.

According to a source in Los Angeles, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle live a “baller” lifestyle.

Since standing down as senior members of the Royal Family and relocating to North America, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are supposed to be living in luxury. According to The Mail on Sunday, Harry is a “baller” who isn’t afraid to spend money and has been linked to a group of internet billionaires.

The source stated, “He’s not in with the entertainment crowd as one might think.”

“Rather than spending time with Adele or James Corden, Harry and Meghan are hanging out with the LA elite: business entrepreneurs, jet-setters, and private plane owners.

“He visits Malibu, Montecito, and Beverly Hills on a regular basis.”

Harry assumed an executive position at Betterup, a Silicon Valley startup, in March. It’s a mental health and counseling firm.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also signed multi-million dollar contracts with Netflix and Spotify.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, on the other hand, haven’t exactly lit Hollywood on fire, according to Royal analyst Daniela Elser, writing for Australian news source News.com.au.

According to previous estimates, the couple pays $5.9 million for security and their Montecito house.

Despite spending a lot of money and hanging out with some of LA’s elite, the insider said that Harry is frequently the only well-known person at the parties he attends.

“Harry appears to be at ease being the center of attention,” they observed.

“He’s frequently the only prominent person at the events he attends, and it appears to please him that he’s the center of attention.”

According to rumours, the pair may be returning to the United Kingdom soon.

According to the Mail, Harry and Meghan want Lilibet Diana to be baptized at Windsor, like her brother Archie.

“Harry told several people that they want Lili baptised at Windsor, much like her brother,” a royal source told Eden Confidential.

“They are content to wait until the situation permits.”


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