I’m A Celeb’s Frankie Bridge, according to Nicola McLean, is quite different in real life.


I’m A Celeb’s Frankie Bridge, according to Nicola McLean, is quite different in real life.

Nicola McLean spoke with the Brinkwire exclusively about the latest season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! and shared her unfiltered thoughts on the show. Frankie Bridge, a contestant Nicola McLean has spoken out on the upcoming series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! as well as the show’s star-studded lineup.

The former campmate has been watching the hit ITV show and claims that one of the competitors appears to be completely different on-screen than in real life.

Frankie Bridge is a lot noisier on the 2021 series than she was when she met her on a previous TV assignment, according to Nicola, who starred on the show in 2008.

She stated, ” “Frankie was more louder than I had anticipated; I had previously worked with her and she was really quiet.

“I did a performance with Frankie and she was a lot quieter and shyer than she was last night, and I know she’s been doing Loose Women, which she’s excellent at, so maybe that’s helped her gain confidence.

She went on to say: “She did a fantastic job in the trial; she just went for it and showed that she is a fierce competitor.

“She mentioned she wanted to beat her husband Wayne on the show a few years ago, which I completely understand because when you’re married to a footballer, they’re amazing at everything and beat you at everything, so it would be lovely for her to come out on top.

“I think she came across as a lot more confident than I expected her to be. I believe she will do quite well, and I believe she will be in the top three.” Nicola shared her thoughts with Hollywood reporter Carly Hacon during a Brinkwire Facebook Live chat, and she’ll be back on Monday.

During the first interview, she said that Danny Miller of Emmerdale had a “game-plan” and that he was acting up in front of the cameras to receive more coverage.

“I’m not sure whether Danny is already playing a game since I can’t see if you’re that kind of…,” Nicola said. Why would you continue to say this if you gag a lot, if you’re sick, and you’ve already been sick twice in the helicopter and swallowed it? Of course, you know you’re going to receive the eating trial.

“I’m not sure if he wants the eating test because it’s the best.” The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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