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I’m A Celebrity campers will be ‘cold and wet every night in Wales’ say former stars who ‘wouldn’t sign up now’

I’M A Celeb campers will be “cold and wet every night in Wales” say former stars who “wouldn’t sign up now“.

Good Morning Britain hosts Adil Ray and Kate Garraway spoke to Christopher Biggins and Ray Mears about conditions in Wales after The Sun revealed the I’m A Celebrity camp has been relocated to the UK from Australia.

Kate, 53, completed her stint on the ITV show in December and chatted to 2007 camper Christopher about whether they could have stuck it out if they’d been forced to spend three weeks in drizzling Wales.

Admitting it would be rather bleak, Kate said: “I love Wales, Wales would have been lovely, I definitely love Wales but I just think it’s going to add an extra twist, the cold and the wet.

“I remember one of the worst days was when there was a big rain storm, when all the bedding got wet. It just made it really difficult …

“I don’t think I would have enjoyed it very much. (Christopher) did you have storms?”

Christopher, 71, said: “Yes (we had storms) and it will be every night in Wales won’t it?”

Recalling the luxury of the five star resort where the celebrities stayed on the Gold Coast after being voted out of the series, he added: “I’m not sure I could take the cold, and also is there a Hotel Versace nearby?

“I’m not sure there is in Wales.

“The only thing I think is very positive about it is that Ant and Dec will be back on TV for three weeks making us laugh and they will get a lot of laughs.

“I can see it now, icicles off the nose, shivering, I certainly wouldn’t want to be in it this year.”

Survival expert Ray Mears offered a few words of advice to celebs thinking about heading West.

He told them: “It’s going to be in the cold and the wet isn’t it? People sitting at home think the jungle is bad but my experience is people like the jungle because it’s warm and you can more or less relax.

“Just go comfortable, you need something to sleep on that keeps you warm, something soft, put blankets over the sleeping mat, take duvets, take pillows, insect repellant.”

But he added: “Enjoy it because our countryside is amazing and this year has taught us more than ever to enjoy what we’ve got.”

The Sun revealed the ITV series will remain in Britain for the 2020 edition due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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