If the UK does not ‘twist’ the alliance, a Macron ally’supports’ the troops joining the French border.


If the UK does not ‘twist’ the alliance, a Macron ally’supports’ the troops joining the French border.

Bruno Bonnell, a MACRON ally, said he could support the United Kingdom sending troops and police to help monitor the French border for illegal migrants as long as the agreement was not used to accuse the French of complacency.

After saying that British troops could help monitor the French coast, Bruno Bonnell appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme and offered a solution to the Channel migrant crossings.

Mr Bonnell, on the other hand, argued that the agreement reached by Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron should not result in the UK accusing France of not doing its fair share, and urged both sides to tone down their blame and rhetoric toward one another.

It comes after French ministers went on the offensive, accusing the UK of not doing enough to help with the migrant crisis.

Mr Bonnell joined host Martha Kearney on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme to discuss his solution to the migrant crisis.

Mr Bonnell stated that he would like to see France and the United Kingdom join forces and stop blaming each other for the deaths.

Ms Kearney, on the other hand, wanted to know what the French were willing to accept and whether they wanted British forces on French soil to help with the situation.

“It’s a combination of… trying to communicate to those communities that the United Kingdom is not the promised land that smugglers are selling to them,” he said.

“And there are also communication problems here, and I believe we don’t send people across the channel…”

Ms. Kearney clarified that she understood France was not intentionally sending over boats, but she wanted to hear their solutions for preventing them from crossing, implying that British forces could be dispatched.

“Well, as long as it’s really a common operation and it’s not a way to twist the information once more,” Mr Bonnell continued.

“Pretending that the French are looking away from the longboat departures.”

“I believe [British personnel] could be beneficial to the situation.”

“I would support that, but what I’m disappointed with is how often all these politicians try to use those situations to criticize the other side – right now, we need to work together.”

Gérald Darmanin, the French Interior Minister, has been, according to Ms Kearney.

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